Blog of the week: Soccer Fiesta, making soccer wonderful again

Picture_2 Soccer Fiesta proudly celebrates 'The Wonderful of Soccer', which is a beautiful sentiment – whether it's meant to be the 'Wonderful World of Soccer' or simply the 'Wonder of Soccer', we're not sure. Either way, we agree with them that, yes, soccer/football (delete where applicable) is bloody wonderful.

Like Pies, Fiesta features news, videos, scurrilous rumours and other cool stuff. If you too appreciate the 'Wonderful of Soccer', why not give 'em a try… LINK

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Blog of the week: Beckham is Coming 2 America

Picture_1_2 That's right, there is an entire blog dedicated to one football transfer, namely David Beckham's move to the LA Galaxy. At the moment it's essentially a Beckham news blog, but it does give you an idea of just how excited some Americans are at the prospect of Becks coming to play in their country:

'The Colorado Rapids will offer a new ticket package, the "Becks Flex Pack", which will include tickets to the Aug. 26 Rapids game against the Los Angeles Galaxy of David Beckham… The Rapids sold out of the Aug. 26 match in almost just an hour, their most successful single-game ticket on-sale date in the club's history.'

The Becks Flex Pack! Boy, those Yanks know how to market stuff. LINK

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Blog of the week: Chelsea Blog

Picture_1_280 Piesfolk, can you guess what the Chelsea Football Club Blog is all about? Yes, you're bang on, it's a blog about Chelsea Football Club. Don't let the arrow-straight name put you off though. Established in early 2004, this is a well-written, insightful and often witty fan's-eye-view that tells you what it's like to support one of the most reviled clubs in the land (they're just jealous, lads). Well, it's good to know that someone really loves them… LINK

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American tycoons complete Liverpool takeover: what the bloggers say

_42541209_liverpoola203Hopefully, a bright and red future ahead of us. I shall reserve my comment to later and not jump to conclusion. But it is exciting times indeed. [The Red Cauldron]
Liverpool, with a proposed new stadium and increased transfer funds, will be looking to firmly place themselves in between Chelsea and Manchester United - and unlike United’s takeover this one is expected to be much more pleasant [Soccer Lens]
Surely an American presence - or more importantly, a financial one - will be more than beneficial for a club like Liverpool. The money gained from this sale will provide the Reds with the extra edge to push for players they formerly had difficulty in signing. [Life, the Universe, and Everything]
How the mighty wheel turns, not a month away from the Man Utd game and all the barrage of yankee doodle dandy insults we fired at the Double Glaziers, will come back, no doubt, less wittily, at us on March 3rd. [RAWK]

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Blog of the Week: Du Nord

Picture_1_278 Du Nord, an American soccer blog (as opposed to an American football blog, which would just be as confusing as hell, especially with the Super Bowl taking place in Miami this weekend), is like some almighty, all-seeing, football-shaped eye. No piece of footy news, no matter how trivial, seems to escape it. It's updated all the time, with loads and loads of interesting links to news, features and funny shit. The focus is on soccer Stateside, but there's plenty of Premiership stuff too.

We like it, and we're sure you will too: LINK

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Blog of the week: AVFC Blog, Aston Villa fan site

Picture_1_271 AVFC Blog, an Aston Villa fan site, is 'very proudly claret and blue'. It all looks very professional – they even have competitions to win match tickets – and it's updated at least once a day. It's a must-read for any self-respecting Villa fan.

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Walter Smith quits Scotland for Rangers: what the bloggers say

Walter I personally wouldn't have had a problem with him taking helm of club & country, at the same time. But it looks like the SFA have scored a spectacular own-goal on demanding he sides with one - or the other. I always assumed you find a replacement before 'shooting yourself in the foot'. Where will we find another Scottish manager in time for the European qualifiers? [Alan Brazil]

Walter Smith quits Scotland for Rangers: what the bloggers say continued

So perhaps that’s part of the reason Waldo is back - to make it look as in-house as possible, to dilute the farcical brevity of the Le Guen experiment by re-appointing a man so ingrained in our collective Beardom psyches, a man so loved by Bluenoses with any heart or any sense of gratitude. [Rangers.OpenFootball]
I  don't want to single out Walter Smith as the only man in football to f**k over his employers, but I have to say I'm pretty disgusted – although not at all surprised – that he has decided to leave the Scottish national team in the lurch. [Us]
They didn’t help themselves with what was rumoured to be a point of serious contention throughout the last two years: their insistence on their right to remove Smith should Scotland fail to make Euro 2008. For a country that last appeared at an international tournament when the Spice Girls were considered cool, that’s preposterous. [The Offside]

[Rob Parker]

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Blog of the week: 101 Great Goals

Picture_1_263 101 Great Goals, a new(ish) football blog gives you goals, more goals and then, when you think you're full, still more goals. That's all you need to know.

It's a great one-stop site for catching up on missed Premiership and Championship goals, without you having to scour YouTube for the action. It's updated daily and well worth a visit.
[Ollie, Pies Ed.]

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Blog of the week: Joys & Sorrows

Picture_2_101 Joys & Sorrows calls itself 'The best Birmingham City blog in the world' and we haven't found a reason to disagree with that claim. It's been going for just over a year now and it really is an excellent blog. Supporting the Blues is a serious business, so you won't find too much in the way of humour, but if you're a Birmingham fan looking for news, views and a buzzing messageboard, then you must add Joys & Sorrows to your bookmarks.

More football blog news on Pies

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The Right Result: righting refereeing wrongs

TherightresultDo you ever wonder what might have been if the ref had awarded your side that last minute penalty or his assistant had noticed the opposition's striker was five yards offside? Well, The Right Result is a website which seeks to correct refereeing errors. Users vote on contentious decisions from recent games and - if the consensus is that an injustice has occurred - the league table is adjusted accordingly.

The league table shows that Watford are the hardest done by team in the Premier League. The bottom-side ought to be sitting comfortably in 13th place with an extra seven points, according to The Right Result. Under-performing West Ham should look on the bright side though. They could be rock-bottom with just eight points without lucky decisions!

Click here to visit The Right Result. [Via Four Four Two]

[Rob Parker]

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