One to watch: Nani, Sporting Lisbon

Spurs have put themselves at the front of the queue for Portuguese youngster Nani. The 20-year-old is the latest sensation off the Sporting Lisbon production line and has been dubbed the new Cristiano Ronaldo - although the old one might have some life left in him yet. Manchester United are also known to be interested in the attacking midfielder, who is reported to have a £17 million buy-out clause in his contract. Let's see what the kid can do:

[Rob Parker]

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Shevchenko's wonder goal, Spurs v Chelsea FA Cup replay

Sheva's back! And he's wearing magic gloves…

55' [0 - 1]  A. Shevchenko
Uploaded by tzonner

Great goal to help Chelsea reach the FA Cup semis - looks like the FA will get the Chelsea v Man Utd final they crave for the new Wembley.

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Spurs fan runs on to pitch to attack Frank Lampard

This moron ran on to the pitch at the end of last night's FA Cup quarter-final between Chelsea and Spurs to punch Frank Lampard (tempting as the idea might sound, it's pure stupidity to act on it). Having decided that lamping Lampard is the way forward, the tool in question manages to throw a huge air punch over Fat Frank's head before a group of stewards and Chelsea players join him in a game of playground pile-on. Click here to see the incident from the reverse angle.

[Rob Parker]

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Spurs keeper Paul Robinson scores against Watford

It was the turn of Paul Robinson to be the benefactor rather than the victim of a fluke goal as he scored against Watford on Saturday. His 80-yard free kick bounced over the head of England rival Ben Foster. He might not be on Rogerio Ceni's level just yet, but it was his second goal. You can watch his goal against Watford below, and see the goal he scored for Leeds against Swindon after the jump.

Spurs keeper Paul Robinson scores against Watford continued

[Rob Parker]

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Uefa Cup draw: Tottenham face Sevilla in quarter-finals

103895100 Quarter-final draw
AZ Alkmaar v Werder Bremen
Bayer Leverkusen v Osasuna
Espanyol v Benfica
(Ties to be played on 5 and 12 April)

Semi-final draw
Espanyol or Benfica v AZ Alkmaar or Werder Bremen
Bayer Leverkusen or Osasuna v Sevilla or TOTTENHAM
(Ties to be played 26 April and 3 May)

Favourable draws for English clubs in Europe was never going to last. Following Uefa's best attempts to ease all three English clubs into the semi-finals of the Champions League, the luck has ran out for Tottenham. Spurs will face competition-holders Sevilla in the next round. On current form this should be the final really. The winners of that tie will face either Bayer Leverkusen or Osasuna.

In the other half of the draw, Espanyol - who I fancy as an outside bet for the tournament - take on Benfica, while AZ Alkmaar (fresh from tickling Newcastle's bellies) play Werder Bremen. [Rob Parker]

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THE VOTE If you were Paul Konchesky, would you have fouled Jermain Defoe?

Why didn't Paul Konchesky commit a professional foul on Jermain Defoe and stop a likely winning goal for Spurs (see video)? Yes, he would have been sent off, but he would have probably earned a precious point for his club. Gary Neville sure as hell wouldn't have let Defoe run that far and take a shot, particularly not with several Spurs players rushing into the box. Very naive play from West Ham, and I have to blame Alan Curbishley for some of that. Cracking game though, one of the best of the season so far; Carlos Tevez didn't deserve to be on the losing team.

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Obscene season ticket prices to be slashed?

Money_4 News reaches us that Premiership chairmen are going to be forced into cutting 'obscene' ticket prices because fans have just about had enough of being the victims of daylight robbery every weekend, and as a result, football has reached a tipping point.

Two top-flight chairmen have expressed the same view, both of whom predict price cuts all round next season. 'It is a serious issue that has reached saturation point across the country,' said Phil Gartside, chairman of Bolton. 'We feel duty bound to make a stance by reducing the cost for our season ticket holders, and I'm sure other clubs will follow suit next season and listen to public opinion.' But surely the tickets are inflated at the chairs' behest?

This weekend saw ManYoo fans protesting about the amount being charged to let their fans watch their side at Fulham. They were asked for a whopping £45 to watch their team, and that doesn't include travel and grub... although they hadn't got far to travel from Essex eh? Ho Ho Ho... I'll get me coat. A senior executive from another of the Premiership's 'big four' clubs told Observer Sport that prices could not go any higher. 'Officially we are monitoring the situation,' he said. 'But privately we have realised that ticket prices have reached their maximum, at least in the immediate future.'

These warnings come slap bang in the middle of an attendance slump. Despite an increased capacity at Arsenal and Manchester United, the average attendance is down from last year, and whilst the big four continue to sell out their games, the overall Premiership average is down by more than 1,000 year on year and now stands at 32,775, not including this weekend. What is causing fans to stay away? Well, once, you could watch the footy and not dent the wallet too much, and know exactly when you'd be going out. Basically, high prices and amended kick-off times to enable saturated TV coverage aren't encouraging fans to get down the ground. 

Of course, a lot of money is generated by the TV rights, which obviously help clubs to bring in new players and the like. That said, the Premier League negotiated a new £600million, three-year deal for overseas TV rights to the Premiership. Add the £1.7 billion Sky and Setanta will pay to screen matches in Britain, and the £400m for internet and mobile phone rights, and it seems scandalous that ticket prices continually increase. Each club will be getting around £900m per season (starting in August).

Apart from drops in season ticket prices, a group are also want away matches addressed. The Football Supporters' Federation want a fixed price for all travelling supporters. 'Away fans in England are unique. You would not get 5,000 Milan supporters travelling to Juventus. If prices were to stay in line with the Taylor Report's recommendation, then £15 would be a fair price for those who travel to watch their team.' The report, published in January 1990 in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster, stated that 'it should be possible for seating to be £6'. With inflation, that would mean fans paying just £9.60 now, rather than the average of about £30.

So what's the answer? Well, looking at Germany's Bundesliga, the average attendance was approximately 40,000, which is superior to our league matches. In fact, it's about a quarter more fans in through the turnstiles, shouting for their team. German fans can buy tickets for as little as £10 or £15 for all games, and in some cases, terracing is being used, which gives a fan a feeling of real unity, as opposed to the sterile stadia over here. What is interesting is that the Bundesliga is renowned for its competitiveness, with many teams standing a chance of winning it. Should we look at the German model to fix our game? [Mof Gimmers]

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FA Cup Quarter Final Draw

Facup_2 So the Quarter Final draw has been made for the FA Cup and the big guns have been kept apart once more.

Middlesbrough or West Brom v Manchester United or Reading

Arsenal or Blackburn v Manchester City

Chelsea v Tottenham

Plymouth v Watford

The matches will take place on 10 and 11 March. Who do you fancy for a spot in the semis? How about Plymouth getting there? 

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Glenn Hoddle showreel

It's hard to recall an English player that is as naturally gifted as Glenn Hoddle. He could do just about anything with a ball, and in the eighties, when this was a rarity, he was a delight to watch. Inside the 18-yard box he was lethal... and was twice as deadly from distance. His goal against Watford in this video is a far superior chip to that of a certain Mr Rooney. Bow down to the master.

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Tottenham UEFA bye confirmed


Spurs' bye into the last 16 of the Uefa Cup has been confirmed after Feyenoord lost their appeal against being kicked out of the competition. The Dutch club were expelled and fined £41,000 by Uefa following crowd trouble against French side Nancy in the group stage. They appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne which today rejected their claim. "The court has dismissed the appeal filed by Feyenoord Rotterdam against the decision issued by Uefa to exclude the Dutch club from the Uefa Cup for the season 2006-2007," read a CAS statement. "The CAS has confirmed in full the Uefa decision."

Feyenoord's financial director Onno Jacobs was understandably upset by the decision saying that "we have to accept this decision, though it is unpleasant for us. Our club and our real fans are being punished for the misbehaviour of people we have nothing to do with. We emphasised that we were powerless in this matter because the people who misbehaved did not got match tickets from us."

Police threw tear gas in the Marcel-Picot Stadium after fans fought and smashed windows with Feyenoord trailing 3-0 in November before the referee was forced to temporarily stop the match in the 80th minute because the tear gas was affecting players. UEFA president Michel Platini welcomed the decision of CAS, saying: "This sends out a strong message that acts of violence by fans within the game will be heavily dealt with and punished by the relevant authorities. Recent tragic incidents have shown that we must work together to eradicate all forms of hooliganism or violence from our game." Of course, this news comes just after the suspention of Italian football after a policeman was killed in rioting. Spurs will now play Parma or Braga in the next round. [Mof Gimmers]

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