David Beckham to live the Herbalife at LA Galaxy

Jerseyfinal_2Health firm Herbalife are the latest business to buy into Brand Beckham after becoming the new shirt sponsors of LA Galaxy. The company flogs weight loss and nutritional products, despite a logo and name which make it seem like the friendly face of marijuana dealing!

Herbalife has signed a deal worth between $3.5 million and $5 million every season until 2011 with Beckham's new team, which should cover his wages for a couple of hours! LA Galaxy are the second MLS side to take advantage of new rules allowing them to sell shirt sponsorship. [Via SoccerFiesta, Rob Parker]

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Kit Parade: Newcastle United 2007-08 home shirt

NewcastleThe release dates for the new kits seems to get earlier and earlier each season. Newcastle's home shirt for next season is already available for pre-order ahead a 2 May launch. Out go the traditional stripy sleeves in favour of an a much more black affair. Think more zebra than bar-code for the 2007-08 season! Click here to pre-order. [Rob Parker]

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Kit Parade - Ronaldinho Barcelona Shirt

Barca_1With Liverpool taking on the mighty Barcelona in tonights Champions League grudge match, it's worth showcasing the Catalonians tangerine away kit.

For the first time ever, the Barca shirt features a sponsor, but rather than sully their kit with a McDonalds golden arches or somesuch, they got a nice charity adorning the front. Well, KitBag are selling the Barca shirt, complete with first ever sponsor and Ronaldinho name/number printed on the back, for £49.99. So if you're a Liverpool fan, you might want to purchase one tomorrow like claiming a scalp... or, Everton fans might want to rub in a savage beating. Either way, one half of Merseyside should be interested in this come the morning. [Mof Gimmers]

Click here if you want to buy the Ronaldinho Barca Shirt from KitBag

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Kit Parade: Porto

Porto_home_0607 Jose Mourinho goes head-to-head with former club Porto tonight (Sky Sports Xtra/Sky Sports HD 2, 7.45pm) in the Champions League. The Portuguese champions will be wearing this blue and white number. Thick stripes are very much 'in' this season and Porto have followed the likes of Barcelona in cutting their stripe count. Like rivals Benfica, Porto are sponsored prominently by Portuguese Telecom. Click here to buy the shirt from UKSoccershop for £39.99.

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Kit Parade: Lille

LilleLille will play host to Manchester United in the Champions League tonight. And if you put your money on red this evening it will be the casino-sponsored French outfit rather than the Red Devils you are backing. The kit is manufactured by French brand Airness, who you are most likely to know from supplying Fulham's kit. Indeed the shirt is pretty much the Fulham one in different colours. Click here to buy it from Subside Sports. [Rob Parker]

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Kit Parade: Zulte Waregem

Zulte_waregemBelgian outfit Zulte Waregem are Newcastle's opponents in the Uefa Cup tonight. Expect them to take to the pitch in this white with red and green trim shirt. Click here to buy it from the official website.

Click here to see them in action against Sparta Prague. [Rob Parker]

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Kit Parade: Bayer Leverkusen

Bayer_leverkusenBlackburn's Uefa Cup opponents Bayer Leverkusen favour this little red number from the house of Adidas. The kit is similar in style to the Germany national kit. The hand that appears to be groping the wearer's left breast belongs to energy company RWE. You can buy the kit from Kitbag for £44.99 by clicking here. [Rob Parker]

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Kit Parade: Ronaldo 99 AC Milan shirt

AC Milan's new signing Ronaldo made his debut in front of a half-empty San Siro yesterday. The man we quite cruelly dubbed Rotundo during last summer's World Cup came close to scoring against Livorno in his brand spanking new number 99 shirt. The shirt is available to buy complete with Ronny's name and number from AC Milan's online shop, although - with a delicious irony - XL shirts are not yet available! Click here to buy it.


[Rob Parker]

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Kit Parade: Lithuania

LithuaniaOne of the more unusual ties thrown up by this week's round of international friendlies is Lithuania versus Mali. If you are a collector of obscure football shirts or simply a Hearts fan, you might like to purchase the Lithuanian kit! This is the side that held world champions Italy to a 1-1 draw last September. And this despite the fact that their shirt looks like it belongs with an amateur ice hockey team with poor taste! Click here to buy it for £39.99. [Rob Parker]

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England's new kit is rubbish

England_kitLadies and Gents, let Pies be the first to pass judgement on the new England home shirt.

It's shit.

This really is the worst England shirt that Pies have ever seen, and can only hope that this is some terrible mistake. Surely the blind morons designers at Umbro can come up with something a bit cleaner and more universal than this monstrosity? Click on the mage to see it closer up... if you're mental enough.

[Mof Gimmers]

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