Japanese babe plays keepy-up (badly)

At least she plays with a smile on her face. If we can dig up an English grandparent, perhaps she can be the solution to England's left-sided problem? She needs to work on her ball control though… [Via With Leather]

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Girl in stockings tries to make the Unibond League sound sexy. She fails

Nothing with the word 'Unibond' in the title can ever be sexy – unless, say, I discovered that Scarlett Johansson's middle name was Unibond. [Via Deadspin]

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WAG of the week: Alessia Merz

Settembre Name Alessia Merz
Nationality Italian
WAG of… Sampdoria star striker Fabio Bazzani. Alessia gave birth to their son last year.
Fame ranking 7/10 - Very famous in Italy, thanks to her work as a model, TV presenter and actress who prefers to hang around wearing not very many clothes. She also starred in the Italian version of 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!'
Babe ranking 8/10 - a classic Mediterranean beauty.

Click below to see a few more pix of the divine Ms Merz (just check that your boss isn't looking over your shoulder cause there is some nudity involved…)

More Alessia for your eyes…



And here's some YouTube vid of her singing on an Italian talent show.

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WAG of the week: Cheryl Tweedy

Tweedy121600x1200 Name Cheryl Tweedy
Nationality British
WAG of… Chelski and England left-back Ashley Cole. And here is OK magazine to prove their love is for real, honest it is.
Fame ranking 9/10 - every teenage boy and his right hand knows about Girls Aloud.
Babe ranking 7/10 - some may consider her a bit chavtastic for their taste, but you can't deny that she's been hit with a pretty stick on several occasions.

Click below to see a few more hot pix of Cheryl, plus a video made by a stalker devout fan…


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Sexy Argentine football cheerleaders YouTube video

If you think that headline seems like a shameless attempt to boost Pies' standing in the Google search rankings, then you have a point. However, the headline holds true. Here, as promised, is a very, er, 'cheeky' YouTube vid of cheerleaders at a football match in Argentina, as spotted on The Offside and With Leather, among other places. Why can't British football be more like this? (Btw, there's no nudity, although some Victorian bosses may consider it a little NSFW)

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WAG of the week: Ilary Blasi

Ilaryblasi2 Name Ilary Blasi
Nationality Italian
WAG of… Serie A superstar Francesco Totti. She married Totti in 2005. The couple have one son, with a second child due this April.
Fame ranking 6/10 - Very famous in her native Italy, thanks to her work as a model and TV presenter.
Babe ranking 7/10 - she scrubs up nicely.

Click below to see a few more pix of Ilary…



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WAG of the week: Martina Colombari

Colombari_gnocca Name Martina Colombari
Nationality Italian
WAG of… Alessandro Costacurta, AC Milan's veteran centre-back. Costa is now 40 years old and he's still registered as a player, although this will almost certainly be his last season
Fame ranking 7/10 - Not well-known in the UK, but she is very big news in her native Italy; she's a former Miss Italy and used to go out with ski legend Alberto Tomba
Babe ranking 9/10 - she's
easier on the eye than Optrex

Click below if you'd like to see some more pix (some involving, gasp, NSFW nudity!) of Martina…


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WAG of the week: Manuela Arcuri

Manuela_arcuri_03 Name Manuela Arcuri
Nationality Italian
WAG of… Francesco Coco, a 30-year-old Italian defender (left-back, to be precise) who plays for Inter Milan – although he's currently on loan at Torino
Fame ranking 2/10 - Manuela is virtually unknown in the UK, despite being one of Italy's most famous glamour girls
Babe ranking 8/10 -
lovely stuff, as Alan Partridge would say

Click below to see some more pix (some involving NSFW nudity in the breast area, we admit) of Manuela, plus a brief YouTube clip…

Manuela Arcuri, not a big fan of clothes…





And here she is being interviewed about her relationship with Coco. It's in Italian, but you get the idea:

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WAG of the week: Nicola T

0200615012500 Name Nicola T
Nationality British
WAG of… Bobby Zamora, West Ham United's hit-and-miss striker. The couple have apparently been going out for the past two years; they reportedly keep a print of Nicola topless above their bed. You can't buy class, can you?
Fame ranking 5/10 - she won The Sun's 'Page 3 Idol' contest a few years ago. Her fame will increase tenfold if ITV2's reality show WAGs Boutique, in which she stars, takes off
Babe ranking 7/10 - she has her good points (two, to be exact). She's no Belen Rodriguez though
Click below to see a (NSFW) pix of Nicola 'at work'…

Here you are then, Nicola 'at work', as promised:


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WAG of the Week: Belen Rodriguez

Dicembre Name Belen Rodriguez
Nationality Argentine
WAG of… Marco Borriello, AC Milan striker. The couple hit the headlines this month when it was revealed that Borriello had failed a drugs test. He blamed the failure on an ointment (containing banned substance cortisone) that he had rubbed on his penis before sex. Belen, 22, said: 'I advised him to use the ointment but forgot it contained cortisone. Our sex session proved fatal.'
Fame ranking 2/10 - still unknown in the UK
Babe ranking 8/10 - makes Colleen Rooney look like Nora Batty
Several more pix of bellissimo Belen after the click [a couple of which feature nudity]…






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