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THE VOTE Who do you want to get relegated?

Around this time of the season I like to adopt one or two second teams to support in their relegation dogfights. I never like to see the three that get promoted go straight back down - and Reading have made sure that is not the case this season - but then you have to lose an established Premiership side. So who do you want to get relegated? Click below to see the candidates and choose who you would like to see in the Championship next season.

Manchester City Relegation outsiders. Level on points with Sheffield United, but with two games in hand. Don't think they will mess it up that much between now and the end of the season.
Sheffield United Relegation dead-certs have shocked a few people by sneaking up to 16th. Neil Warnock has brought colour to the Premiership, and I would like to see the Blades stay up.
Wigan Last season's Reading have been unlucky with some injuries, but their constant moaning makes me reluctant to offer any sympathy.
Charlton Alan Pardew has improved their chances of avoiding the drop considerably (relatively speaking, of course).
West Ham Overachieved last season and are as good as relegated already. And that's without any pending points deduction.
Watford I would love Aidy Boothroyd's side to get out of this one. They had some rough luck at the start of the season and their approach to life in the Prem has been excellent. It is difficult to see them avoiding the drop though.

Pick your three.

[Rob Parker]

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Charlton, West Ham, Watford. I really don't mind if Charlton and West Ham go down. I would go so far to say that they deserve it. Getting rid of your managers when it's your players that are not performing isn't cool. I feel really sorry for Watford. They are a very like-able team and Aidy is a laugh. It looks like it'll be them three. I see Wigan escaping. I hope they do because they are a nice Lancashire side, better than Bolton anyways :-P

Posted by: Col | Mar 2, 2007 12:03:33 PM

If you'd asked me at the start of the season I'd have said Charlton, Fulham and Sheff Utd as my ideal 3 to get relegated.

But I have gained a lot of respect for Pardew and hope he keeps Charlton up. West Ham and Watford have gone, am hoping Sheff Utd get dragged back into it as the 3rd team.

Posted by: Dan | Mar 2, 2007 12:04:26 PM

I'm resigned to Championship football next season for the Horns. I, like many Watford Fans would just like to put a few more points on the board and not finish bottom. Oh, and I'd also like to win the FA Cup.

West Ham are down and deservedly so. They have been attrocious. I mean come on, beaten by Watford twice - Ha Ha Ha.

I think it'll be Charlton too, though I don't see Man City as that much of outsiders, They've still got to play three of the big four, and might take their eye off the ball a little if they get distracted by a Cup Semi Final.

Posted by: Billyo | Mar 2, 2007 12:46:06 PM

My usual sense of shcadenfreude will be muted this year, all of the candidates have earnt repsect in different ways and there's no real muppers there.

If I was forced to pick it would be Watford, Sheffield United and West Ham just to see how Eggy would react but I do like the club.

Posted by: OmegaSupremeho | Mar 2, 2007 2:18:24 PM

I agree with Omega - I suppose West Ham acted like desperate men in the transfer window and there would be a certain justice in them going down, but Watford and Charlton have their good points.

Posted by: Ollie, Pies Ed. | Mar 2, 2007 2:48:59 PM

WEST HAM - so the mighty SOUTHEND can beat them next season!!
WIGAN - Shut Paul Jewell up!
FULHAM - Could there be a more boring team :0

Posted by: Josh | Mar 2, 2007 2:49:37 PM

fulham v manu has the most goals of any premiership fixture (skysports trufax) - boring indeed - although to be fair we did lose something when steed left - bolton and boro are boring teams

Posted by: matt | Mar 2, 2007 3:27:52 PM

mmm fair enough, Chris Coleman can be funny when he's angry. I don't really care as long as Watford somehow survive. (how many of those goals against Man U did they actually score?)

Posted by: Josh | Mar 2, 2007 4:40:09 PM

I'd really like to see West Ham go down. They're just awful, and to see it after the dodgy Tevez/Mascherano deal and the buying of players' souls would be fantastic. I guess I'd also like to see Wigan go down, just because Jewell won't stop bitching. Deal with it. Watford are as good as dead, as much as I'd like to see a miraculous escape. I dunno. Man. Utd?

Posted by: Andrew | Mar 2, 2007 6:07:41 PM

Personally i'd love to see West Ham go down, i liked them last year and enjoyed watching them, but this year its been absolutely ridiculous, between the Tevezcherano saga, sacking Pardew and.... well... ok, mainly because of those two things.
As much as i dislike Man City, i'd miss the Manchester derby, so i'd say Wigan and Charlton (although i'd like to see Pardew return with vengeance in a couple of years)

Posted by: Will | Mar 2, 2007 10:07:14 PM

Watford, West Ham and Wigan. I'm a bit tired of Wigan, they were cool as first timers but aren't a novelty anymore.

I have to hope Sheffield United stay up because they are were my big pre-season prediction to avoid that drop and they've made me look good so far!

Posted by: joe | Mar 3, 2007 2:11:38 AM

Wiagn, Sheff Utd, and West Ham.

Wigan because i'm is tired of them. Sheff Utd because i'm a Sheff Wed fan. West Ham because i'd love to see Tevez next season if he stays.

Watford to stay up because they have been underdogs all along, and Charlton to stay up because we get £1m in the Bougherra deal supposedly if they do.

Posted by: bryn | Mar 3, 2007 1:23:04 PM

Certainly West ham the 'ammers' and Watford are going down I also see Wigan Athletic slipping to that last relegation spot. Charlton Athletic are in some form right now and I don't see it stopping!

Posted by: Rodolfo | Mar 5, 2007 7:04:11 AM

Well Fulham was alway going to be boring with all our creative players out injured (Bullard), sold (Steed, Boa Morte) or out of form (John). And even besides that, there have been many quite entertaining matches (Chelsea away, Spurs 1-1, West Ham 3-3).

Wigan are too nondescript this season, mainly due to selling Chimby and Jimmy. Their support is shite, and they've no history to speak of so they would be my favourites. West Ham as well, mainly to sort out the rotten apples in the team. Finally, Sheffield U because I like Charlton & Watford better and it's always good to have a couple of Manchester derbies in a season.
Who are your favourites to go up? I'd say Birmingham (good), Preston (Historic, good to watch) and Cardiff (Welsh, novel)

Posted by: Joe | Mar 11, 2007 6:18:00 PM

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