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Seven sulky French footballers

Eric_cantona1 Eric Cantona
The ultimate sulky French footballer, Cantona is so moody that he made it into our 10 Football bad boys list. With a temper to match his brilliance, Cantona's sulks cut short his international career and infamously led to him doing time for kung-fu kicking a Crystal Palace fan.
Sulk highlight: "When the seagulls... follow the trawler... it's because they think... sardines will be thrown into the sea."

Anelka2 Nicolas Anelka
The Incredible Sulk has caused friction wherever he has been. Is he one of football's greatest sulkest or just the mouthpiece of his money-grabbing brothers/agents? He manufactured a move from Arsenal - where he played the best football of his career - to Real Madrid... and proceeded to moan as soon as he got there.
Sulk highlight: "I have asked the journalists to stop putting my picture in the papers. If they carry on doing it, I won't talk to them. I play football to have fun, not to be a star."

Gallas3 William Gallas
The, erm, versatile defender allegedly refused to play for Chelsea and threatened to score an own goal if picked after one too many games away from his preferred centre-back position.
Sulk highlight: "Mourinho got it wrong with me in the way he approached the situation. He dealt with it badly and put pressure on me. They didn’t cover my place as well as they thought they had and Chelsea have had problems at the back all season."

Zidane 4 Zinedine Zidane
A footballer as sulky as his skills were silky. Zizou had a surprisingly short fuse which saw him dismissed 14 times during his career, most notably against Italy in the World Cup final for his headbutt on Marco Materazzi.
Sulk highlight: "I can't regret my actions because that would mean he had the right to say what he did. I can't, I can't say that. No, he didn't have the right to say what he did."

Leboeuf5 Frank Leboeuf
A different brand of sulking built on arrogance and resting on World Cup-winning laurels. In 2002 Leboeuf was voted the French league's most overrated and arrogant player by other players. During his infamous appearance on sports panel show They Think It's All Over, the ex-Chelsea man responded to any questions he got wrong with his Sulk Highlight...
Sulk highlight: "I don't care, I won ze World Cup."

Henry 6 Thierry Henry
Old Tel loves nothing better than a good sulk, especially if he is underperforming in a big match. He's so hard done by. He is so much better than the defenders he is facing that it would be unfair to make too many runs. Probably best to stand arms outstretched tutting at his team-mates.
Sulk highlight: "It started when I was young. I was 11 or 12 and I used to score goals and my Dad would say, ‘You didn’t [create] any.’ I created some and he said, ‘You didn’t score.’ People who know me know that I’m never satisfied with myself."

Robert7 Laurent Robert
A career defined by regular swings between the sublime and the ridiculous, and equally frequent fall outs with managers. Robert can count Graeme Souness, Alain Perrin and Luis Fernandez among those on the receiving end of his sulks.
Sulk highlight: "We would have won it if Souness had the intelligence to see what was going on. If he keeps going like he has, he'll get fired and deserve it."

[Rob Parker]

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+ cisse? i can remember him constantly sulking on the pitch at liverpool, everytime a ball slightly short or in front of him was played in he sulked like a bitch..

Posted by: Da | Mar 21, 2007 8:07:08 PM

Surely an honorary mention for monseiur Whinger himself?

Posted by: Cole | Mar 21, 2007 8:12:24 PM

Hey, where's Steed Malbranque? He bitched and moaned so much that Cookie Coleman had him play in the youth squad just so that he didn't have to listen to him.

Oh, and surely Mr. L'oreal, David 'More Beckham than Beckham himself' Ginola could fit in nicely...

Posted by: Joe | Mar 22, 2007 1:47:19 PM

The problem is there are so many sulky French players to choose from. Ginola I thought about, but went for Leboeuf instead. Malbranque didn't cross my mind to be honest, but that doesn't make him any less sulky!

Posted by: Rob P | Mar 22, 2007 3:22:38 PM

How about Hector Coupet - driving his bmw half way down the alps then back up again when he was told at the world cup training camp he wouldn't be the number 1 keeper?

Posted by: Sheps | Mar 22, 2007 4:41:42 PM

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