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Pies vs Lawro, FA Cup predictions: THE RESULT

Middlesbrough v Man Utd
Lawro: 1-1
Pies: 2-1
Actual: 2-2

Chelsea v Tottenham
Lawro: 2-1
Pies: 0-1
Actual: 3-3

Blackburn v Man City
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 2-1
Actual: 2-0

Plymouth v Watford
Lawro: 2-2
Pies: 1-0
Actual: 0-1

RESULT: Four points for Lawro (one correct scoreline, one correct result) and a miserable one point for Pies, thanks to Spurs not being able to hang on to a 3-1 lead. Chumps.

Of the readers, special mention goes to those who defeated both Lawro and Pies, namely Cole and Billyo, who both scored five whole points. And thanks to Dom for his special picture of El Lawro. Top work all round.

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