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Landon 'Landycakes' Donovan, scores a hat-trick (USA vs Ecuador friendly)

So whilst England failed abjectly to trouble the scorers against plucky Israel (and respect to the home side's stalwart defenders), the good 'ole US of America stood as one to applaud this hat-trick, scored by Landycakes for the national team against Ecuador. Watch out for his third goal - it's a cracker:

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You know what is funny, all of a sudden when not playing for World glory, Donovan can score. Go figure, I guess we all should stop trying when everything is on the line and put our right foot forward when no one is looking.

Posted by: David | Mar 26, 2007 4:18:03 PM

forget about mcclaren’s england

the team you should really be watching is USA!!!! No negative footy in yesterday’s 3-1 thrashing of ecuador. hattrick by landon donovan - HIS 5TH GOAL IN THE LAST THREE GAMES, OUTSCORING ALL OF ENGLAND!!!! and they haven’t been playing the typcal carribean garbage - denmark, mexico, ecuador.

you all should jump that sinking ship - there’s room on uncle sam’s bandwagon!!!!!

Posted by: Sean | Mar 26, 2007 4:22:48 PM

Could the US finally have a superstar? I mean, a player who's notable despite not having goofy hair?

Posted by: Timothy B. | Mar 26, 2007 4:50:26 PM

Sean, forget not Landycakes's complete no-show at the World Cup. Mind you, Ecuador is no pushover, and those were some fantastic goals. I'm just not quite ready to forgive him completely... yet.

Posted by: kj | Mar 26, 2007 6:52:19 PM

Hmmm.... Is this the same Ecuador England struggled to score a single goal against, whilst not even playing them in the famously difficult Quito stadium like the USA, but nice, cosy and next door in Germany? My god...

I'd love to support the USA, most of your lads play for us at Fulham anyway.

Posted by: Joe | Mar 26, 2007 8:13:06 PM

well, as an American i hate donovan and probably always will. hes fine and dandy in games such as this but hes transparent when in a game that matters. dont forget he didnt score internationally for a year and a half. hopefully we keep turning out class keepers and a defender every once in a while. im thinking the best the u.s has to offer is not at fulham or playing domestically. hes a defender thats up at the Toon.

Ecuador was missing some of their key players, including their goalscorers from Germany so while this is a great win for the United States we should take it with a grain of salt. Donovan will soon turn back into the American version of Fat Frank, tons of skill with a lack of concentration and international results.

Posted by: Tommy | Mar 26, 2007 8:23:29 PM

actually, tenorio (2 wc goals) played yesterday. the biggest difference was a new keeper making his first cap.

all three goals can't be his fault though. the first he probably could have saved, but donovan's breakaway was perfectly executed and his third was a cracker that would score on any keeper in the world

Posted by: Sean | Mar 26, 2007 8:58:59 PM

tenorio is a good player but not having delgado really hurt them. it seems that he makes almost all their scoring chances.

there is no doubt that donovans goals yesterday would have stood against any world cup keeper, i am just saying that those shots just arent there in a world cup type game. it was unfair to compare him to lampard becuase really he is the oppisate. where fat frank takes shots when he shouldnt, donovan doesnt take shots when he should. he is definitely one the the usa's best players and needs to embrace that on a international level.

I know the management has been dreadful for the american squad (very similar to the problems in the mother land) and that may have played a part, putting mcbride up front by himself and not including twellman in the wc squad are two of the more hilarious moves in recent history. so really im just frustrated about the whole situation. i would just like to see someone step up in a big game and take ownership of this team. Im tired of excuses and great results against the guppies of CONCACAF and then playing like rubbish against the rest of the world.

hmm maybe we should move guch up and let him put a few in. i saw him score his share at university. i think clint dempsey may be the new hope but we will see. i want to be a full supporter but its hard. thanks to everybody!

Posted by: Tommy | Mar 26, 2007 9:25:20 PM

i'm definitely with you on clint. i'd like to see him in an attacking midfield role. he's an incredibly creative player and doesn't show his best on the wing.

if it were up to me, i'd have donovan and ching up front together - i think they compliment each other well.

there's no argument against what you're saying about excelling vs the concacaf guppies, but if sports has taught me anything it's to be patient and optimistic (i'm a toon and a boston red sox fan)

Posted by: Sean | Mar 26, 2007 9:48:39 PM

yeah i guess patience is the key, but thats no fun its better to moan and gripe like a bunch of englishmen, okay just kidding guys, sorta.

i think what the team needs is a new team rap by clint. that will add to the it factor and make them feel more important thus zooming them to the top of the football world.

donovan and ching/twellman would be a good option. hopefully this new crop of players will revitalize the team which is badly needed. im exited the dinosaurs like reyna are starting to die out.

we need a few more guch's and we will be set. i like the big physical players like him. i think the u.s. has potential to turn out players like him and even a rooney type. all we need is to convert some of those football running backs and maybe a lebron or kobe type. think of peter crouch with a touch of athletic ability.

we will soon see the quality of this team. i am confident we are breaking through and will one day be able to become a football power but its going to take some work.

i also know the virtues of patience. i am a hammer and met fan.

Posted by: Tommy | Mar 26, 2007 10:10:35 PM

Donovan is the greatest player in the world... in practice.

Posted by: joe | Mar 26, 2007 11:10:51 PM

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