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Fantasy Friday: week 29

Krankies With FA Cup matches decimating the Premier League fixtures a fortnight ago, a Fantasy Friday last week would have been about as well-received as a bronze statue of Ted Bates that looks like Jimmy Krankie. But we're back this week with a vengeance. Click below to see the latest league table.

Fantasy Friday: week 29 continued

This week's league table:

1 Where Was Dean Ashton? (Tommy) 403
2 Strictly Badmanism (Matt M) 381
3 Pauper For Manse (Rob P) 374

4 Modbury Juniors (Ollie) 364
5 Onimans Legends (James) 358
6 Tanghall Tykes (Matt D) 342
7 Dynamo George Vader (Rob W) 322
8 Houssemayne FC (Jan) 321
9 West Country All-Stars (Ben) 310
10 Big Bunch of Lewsers (Lewis) 289
11 Gimmervision (Mof) 283
12 Scrumpy Rovers (Simon) 267
13 Dial Square (Nicholas) 249

14 Villa Rourke FC (Jez) 232
= Felixs X1 (Felix) 232
16 Abney Park Rangers (Ash) 164

Good fortnight for... The chasing pack. Ollie and James both scored 26 to close the gap on third place, which would be... erm me! Run away!

Bad fortnight for... Jez. He picked up just nine points allowing Felix to close the gap.

[Rob Parker]

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After what seems an eternity I've moved up a place, UEFA cup here we come!!!

Posted by: Rob Williams | Mar 25, 2007 1:08:13 PM

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