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Brit Blog Awards 2007: A vote for Pies is a vote for justice, truth and the beautiful game

Picture_1_284Apologies for the repost, and ignore it if you've seen it before, but otherwise read on… Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, find the time to vote for us in the sport category of the Ask.com Best of Brit Blog Awards 2007. You have to register to vote, but it only takes a minute (girl), and we'd really appreciate it. No, really, we would. Closing date is the 22nd March. Let's make Pies a winner! VOTE HERE

PS. You can now subscribe to Pies and get updates emailed straight to your inbox. Enter your email address in the box in the top-right corner of our home page and… bingo! Fresh Pies delivered to your electronic door.

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Congrats! Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Bob | Feb 28, 2007 4:08:43 PM

Bastards, you really know how to get a guy to skive a few minutes off work and sign up for a service he'll never use again. But you're worth it.

If Pies don't win, I'll eat Mark Lawrenson.

Posted by: Dom | Feb 28, 2007 5:08:21 PM

Cheers Bob and Dom - appreciate it.

Posted by: Ollie, Pies Ed. | Feb 28, 2007 5:26:45 PM

What do you mean make pies great again? It IS great!

Posted by: Lew | Feb 28, 2007 10:08:23 PM

Pies - Makes going to work bearable.

Posted by: Col | Mar 1, 2007 3:03:12 PM

Done. Great, great blog, guys. Thanks for the hard work every day.

Posted by: Justin | Mar 1, 2007 4:07:59 PM

Cheers for all your kind comments guys. Your support makes it all worth it (sniff).

Posted by: Ollie, Pies Ed. | Mar 1, 2007 5:09:30 PM

Great stuff guys, although info about Chartlon strikers can be debatable

Posted by: matt | Mar 5, 2007 2:03:47 PM

I'll have you know Matt, that my Charlton sources are impeccable. Some of my best friends are Darren Bent. I'll sue you if you continue this vicious vendetta…

Posted by: Ollie, Pies Ed. | Mar 5, 2007 2:10:45 PM

you accidentally left a word extra in that sentence 'darren'

Posted by: matt | Mar 5, 2007 3:55:44 PM

Ho ho ho

Posted by: Ollie, Pies Ed. | Mar 5, 2007 3:59:39 PM

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