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Wigan? Boo-stinkin'-Hoo.

Jewell_2 Is it me, or is anyone else annoyed with the mewing coming from Wigan at the minute? It's all 'boo-hoo, we're so hard done to…' Admittedly, Wigan were unlucky against Arsenal at the weekend, what with penalty decisions not going their way and the referee reportedly swearing at Paul Jewell; they really should have had at least a point from the game.

Since when has 'Football team - Unlucky' been news though? Henry's dive was bad news but it didn't end up making an impression on the match, while Flamini's offside position is just one of a thousand ropey decisions by match officials over the weekend. There's another problem that needs addressing at the JJB, and it aint referee Phil Dowd.

Basically, the league table has this points system. We've had it for over one hundred years (with a slight change from 2 points for a win to 3 for all you pedants out there) and it's simple. Win games, go up the league. Now, with every team suffering from bad decisions week-in, week-out, I'd argue that Wigan's current predicament is down to the fact that they're a poor side that can't win matches.

If Wigan's chairman, Dave Whelan, really thinks that Dowd is to blame for "costing the club £50m" for their potential relegation, then sorry, Wigan will get relegated for being incompetent on the park, and to quote Jewell himself, lacking bedevilment in-front of goal. Eight-game losing streaks get you relegated, not one poor decision by a match official. [Mof Gimmers]

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Wigan have been poor this season, but they were unlucky against the arse. Not getting a penalty and the first goal being offside - they should have been 2-0 up, but were both poor decisions by the officials.

Posted by: bryn | Feb 13, 2007 1:57:56 PM

I think the whining is a bit loud cuz they're so close to the bad business end of the table. The excuses are coming in early. I think Charlton do have a shot to catch them.

Posted by: joe | Feb 13, 2007 10:42:27 PM

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