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Well ace Saint Etienne goal

Do you want to see a goal that my mate alerted me too? His words were "this is well ace!" It's a recent goal by Saint Etienne against PSG, and in fairness, the only way to describe it is WELL ACE! Pick that out!

February 27, 2007 in European football, Video clips | Permalink


Great goal but it should have been disallowed.
After the recent kicks in the head that we have seen I think it is time the rules that protect players safety are enforced.
A kick in the head can kill someone.

Posted by: Jorge | Feb 27, 2007 3:35:02 PM

Can't beat the ol' bicyclette, tres acrobatic, deja vous, oui oui , bons bons etc etc.

Posted by: OmegaSupremeho | Feb 27, 2007 5:32:01 PM

Don't be a big jessie, Jorge. If you're going to be like that, go and watch netball.

Posted by: Dom | Feb 27, 2007 7:16:24 PM

Jorge, i think you just got merked by Dom

Posted by: bryn | Feb 27, 2007 10:50:15 PM

Loving the commentators. Can you imagine Andy Gray saying things like that? No. Cause he's rubbish.

Posted by: Col | Feb 28, 2007 1:49:51 PM

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