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Was Barton's 'stamp' intentional?

Joey_bartonWhat does everyone make of the latest incident dogging Joey Barton? Man City gaffer Stuart Pearce reckons that the situation is becoming a "witch-hunt", with allegations and finger wagging come from all at Pompey.

Twitcher Redknapp claimed that Barton had set out to injure Pedro Mendes in the game at Fratton Park and that anyone who thought otherwise needed "their heads looking at". City's response to Twitchers comments were terse and to the point. "Mr Redknapp is entitled to his view," a spokesman said. "But we don't agree with a single thing he has said."

What do you reckon? Personally, I don't think Barton did anything wrong and Mendes was incredibly unlucky to come away crocked from an accidental clash like that... however, you may think differently... so tell us! [Mof Gimmers]

February 14, 2007 in Manchester City, Portsmouth | Permalink


Uh yeah it was deliberate. Barton was nowhere near the ball, looked DOWN and put his studs right on Mendes' heel. I think thats the sort of aggression that is desperately needed in the England side. But yes definitely deliberate. I'm not entirely looking at this negatively. But if he's going to carry on like that at least do it to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Posted by: joe | Feb 14, 2007 10:45:44 PM

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