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Pies vs Lawro: Premiership & Carling Cup final predictions: THE RESULT

1141989843_1 SATURDAY
Fulham v Man Utd
Lawro: 0-2
Pies: 1-1
Actual: 1-2 (damn you Ronaldo!)

Charlton v West Ham
Lawro: 2-1
Pies: 1-1
Actual: 4-0

Liverpool v Sheffield Utd
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 3-0
Actual: 4-0

Middlesbrough v Reading
Lawro: 2-1
Pies: 3-2
Actual: 2-1

Watford v Everton
Lawro: 1-1
Pies: 2-1
Actual: 0-3

Wigan v Newcastle
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 1-1
Actual: 1-0

Blackburn v Portsmouth
Lawro: 1-0
Pies: 2-0
Actual: 3-0

Tottenham v Bolton
Lawro: 2-1
Pies: 3-2
Actual: 4-1

Arsenal v Chelsea
Lawro: Chelsea on pens
Pies: 2-1 (Arsenal in extra-time)
Actual: 1-2

RESULT: Just four points for Pies, and a whopping 10 points for Lawro. He merk'd us!

As for the readers, Cole scored nine (good work), Bryn and OmegaSupremho got four apiece, Billyo got just two, and wower notched five points. Lawro beats us all, the swine.

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I'll have you next time lawrenson.

Posted by: OmegaSupremeho | Feb 27, 2007 5:26:27 PM

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