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Dive of the week: Alberto Gilardino, Celtic vs AC Milan

Full marks to Gilardino for style, but no marks at all for timing (taken from last night's Celtic v Milan snooze-fest).

February 21, 2007 in European football, Funny old game, Scotland | Permalink


Sad thing is I think if he hurried he could have scored that.
What else would you expect from an Italian striker, horrible dive and then protesting when awarded a just and obvious yellow card. Pathetic.

(note the white boots, indicative of whiny bastard strikers who pull such nonsense and ruin the game.)

Posted by: joe | Feb 21, 2007 10:59:01 PM

Straight out of the Terry Henry school of diving. Wonderful.

Best bit about it is, he gets a card for it and doesn't believe it! Though if he'd been in the Prem he'd probably got a penalty for that. Unless he played for Wigan.

Posted by: Col | Feb 22, 2007 10:27:06 AM

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