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Aidy Boothroyd rocks

Boothroyd3 At first, I wasn't convinced by Aidy Boothroyd. Maybe it was the silly yellow tie/black shirt combo, which made him look like a wacky snooker player. Either that or his relentless, 'can-do' positivity. We're not used to such attitudes from managers – we expect whinging, whinging and then more whinging.

However, I'm now warming to his chipper, World War-spirit (plus, he's ditched the yellow tie) and hope that Watford can pull off the greatest escape in Premiership history. After Watford's vital win at West Ham, the Boothmeister came up with one of the best quotes of the season: 'Coming into this [post-match] interview I was a bit unsure whether to play it down and be sensible. But then I thought no, sod it.'

Brilliant. Why can't more managers ditch the safe cliches and say what they're really thinking? It worked for Brian Clough and it works for Jose Mourinho.

Boothroyd also revealed his unusual training methods this week: 'We've had the snow this week so we've done very little training. We've built an igloo, and had a snowball fight so we might have to put the balls away in future and take the players to a snowdome instead.'

Aidy also admitted to building a 'large, Danny Shittu-sized snowman'. Quality.


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We love Aidy at the Vic, so any other clubs sniffing around him can keep their grubby mitts off.

You forgot on the unusual training front that before the blackburn game which we also won he took all the players to see Rocky Balboa. Now that's inspirational management!

Posted by: Billyo | Feb 13, 2007 4:13:33 PM

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