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Pub Debate: Would you go for Champions League football and a top four club, or double your money for a relegation scrap?

Neill_2Lucas Neill has decided on the latter. Despite interest from Barcelona after his impressive World Cup and a contract on the table from Liverpool, Neill has made the distinctly sideways move from Blackburn Rovers to West Ham.

The reason? If we are to believe the rumours the Hammers will be paying the Australian international £60,000 a week, while Liverpool were only willing to go up to £30,000. Is that a wise move for a 28-year-old? Would you be tempted by the money or is Neill showing a lack of ambition? Let us know your views below. [Rob Parker]

January 23, 2007 in Blackburn Rovers, Liverpool, West Ham United | Permalink


To be honest, he has no other reason but to move for the money. As a Rovers fan i'm quite annoyed, after all the moaning about going to a "bigger" club then to literally step sideways doesn't seem like a great move. I mean, I do not want the hammers to go down, but if they do, who's going to want him then? Barca?

Posted by: Col | Jan 23, 2007 9:45:21 AM

I'm inclined to agree, Col. I'd like to think I'd want to prove myself at a higher level, but nobody has ever offered me £60,000 a week so it's difficult to say!

Posted by: Rob P | Jan 23, 2007 10:00:33 AM

I think Rob's hit the nail on the head. It's easy for us to say 'go to Barca', but until we're in the situation were sixty grand a week's on the table, it's hard to say.

Posted by: Matt Parker | Jan 23, 2007 10:21:06 AM

I think Neill just wanted a change - he'll certainly see more first-team action with West Ham. And he did break Jamie Carragher's leg, didn't he? So Liverpool fans would never truly take to him.

Posted by: Ollie, Pies Ed. | Jan 23, 2007 10:52:13 AM

As a former rover's employee, and hence overhearing a few conversation's where Neill was involved it's quite clear that he is a money driven person. He spends alot and I also think the move to London would be something he desires. As a Liverpool fan myself I'm delighted he isn't moving to anfield, I think he's massively overrated and a complete lose cannon on the field, I'd rather not have ten men every odd week.

Posted by: V-man | Jan 23, 2007 11:04:24 PM

With David Beckham selling out competitive football for 500,000 a week its hard to pick on anyone who makes a move to get 60,000 a week rather than 30,000. Neill will probably never be as marketable as he is right now with the WC in relatively recent memory and at 28 its probably his last big payday. He is a bit of a liability as far as cards are concerned but I wish Chelsea had splurged for him.

Posted by: joe | Jan 24, 2007 12:25:54 AM

Not a Chelsea fan then Joe? Niell is over rated and then some... He loves to go forward and make terrible passes ready for anyone with a bit of pace in the opposing team to get behing him.

Hope this doesn't sound like i'm bitter. But to be honest I felt he was a better player before the World Cup. Then he became up himself.

Posted by: Col | Jan 24, 2007 10:22:40 AM

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