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Horror Tackle: Noe Pamarot on Hossam Ghaly

_42404351_ghaly203A kindly YouTuber has eventually got round to uploading Portsmouth defender Noe Pamarot's foot-first assault on Spurs' Hossam Ghaly. The sickening crunch on impact indicates it is worthy of Horror Tackle status even if it wasn't worth a yellow card. Keep your eyes peeled for one of the four teeth Ghaly lost, which can be seen flying from his mouth. Nasty!

Click here to watch the video or get more Horror Tackle action by clicking here or here.

[Rob Parker]

January 3, 2007 in Portsmouth, Tottenham Hotspur, Video clips | Permalink


Even though he ducked into the ball, the defender's foot was pretty high. Credit to Ghaly though. He must be a pretty tough fella to get back on the pitch and play on.

Posted by: Lew | Jan 3, 2007 8:35:06 PM

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