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Are Real Madrid bang out of order in their bid to sign Cristiano Ronaldo?

Newcristianoronaldophoto119 Real Madrid are turning up the heat in their advances to Cristiano Ronaldo, but Man U are putting up a stiff resistance. The Guardian reports that Fergie is rather concerned about Real Madrid's apparent interest in Ronaldo, and claims that he and his assistant, Carlos Queiroz, have both spoken in private to Ronaldo since he returned from a five-day break to Dubai last Friday. We don't know what they said to him, but imagine it's along the lines of: 'Madrid is not right for you, stay with us son…'

Are Madrid out of order? Or is this just a harmless bit of 'sounding out', and therefore little different to United's persistent quest to sign Owen Hargreaves? The decision is yours…

January 31, 2007 in Manchester United | Permalink


Man United have as much to do with making this a money sport as any and if Ronaldo turns greedy and leaves then they have nobody to blame but themselves.

Posted by: joe | Jan 31, 2007 5:04:03 AM

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