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It's a kit of an animal: Sausage snack firm supplies new gear for renamed Peperami FC

PeperamifcA London part-time outfit has secured a new kit after deciding to change its name to Peperami FC. Wandsworth FC, of the Wimbledon and District League, decided on the new tag after being inspired by an advertising campaign for the spicy sausage snack.

When Peperami's manufacturers Unilever heard about the situation they sensed a good photo opportunity and, well you can see the rest for yourself! You know what level of football we're talking about here when the Peperami mascot is the healthiest looking bloke on the team photo! Unilever also supplied The Artists Formerly Known As Wandsworth FC with a brand new kit, and delusions of grandeur too it seems. 

Peperami FC boss Joe Ladd said: "We are extremely excited by this move and glad that our friends at Peperami can see that this club is going places." [Via 4TheGame]

[Rob Parker]

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