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Torquay United to sack players who dive

TorquayLeague Two outfit Torquay United have launched a new initiative which could see players sacked if they repeatedly dive. Chairman Chris Roberts came up with the scheme after being "disgusted" by the amateur dramatics on display at the World Cup.

Manager Ian Atkins is backing his chairman's plan. A three strikes and you're out system will be in place. The Torquay board will consider complaints of diving from third parties for up to five days after a match and review video evidence. If the board decides it was a "clear" dive, the player will be cautioned. If cited again, the player will receive a maximum fine and a final warning. The player will then be sacked or transferred if he is found to dive a third time.

Torquay United to sack players who dive continued

Roberts said: "I've challenged other clubs to follow suit and I'm keen to hear why they wouldn't. But I'm not here to be confrontational with other clubs. I'm responsible for the conduct of Torquay's players on the pitch and that's what i'm doing."

It is reassuring to see a chairman trying to do something for the benefit of the game, but whether attempting to sack a player under these circumstances would work in practice is doubtful. What's the verdict, readers? [Via BBC]

[Rob Parker]

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