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Aston Villa fans caught having sex in JJB Stadium's disabled toilet. Classy, real classy

Acrylicdisabledtoiletsign An Aston Villa-supporting couple were ejected from Wigan’s JJB Stadium for 'getting busy' in a disabled toilet during Wigan Athletic’s nil-nil draw with Villa on Saturday. Club stewards were called to investigate after moans and groans were heard coming from a loo in the away end of the stadium. Staff at the JJB had become suspicious after noticing the door of the disabled toilets had remained locked for more than half an hour.

A club source said: 'Two Aston Villa fans, a male and a female, were discovered after having spent over half an hour in the disabled toilets in the away end of the stadium… Stewards knocked on the door and asked the couple to come out which they did. They were asked to leave and did so without any fuss. They were quite embarrassed.'

One onlooker said: 'It was quite obvious they weren’t disabled.'

Bloody hell, we didn't realise that watching Villa was quite such a big turn-on. Martin O'Neill must be doing something right.

[Via Socca Critics]

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