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Newcastle the latest club to be threatened with Sven Goran Eriksson

Sven_11 With Alan Pardew having alleviated some of the pressure on him with victory over Blackburn, the attention of the tabloids has now turned to Newcastle's Glenn Roeder. The in vogue insult to any manager's credentials is, of course, to have Sven Goran Eriksson linked with you job.

The Sun reports that Sven has 'targeted' Newcastle as the place to resume his managerial career - a claim Sven has denied. Surely Sven would not be so sneaky as to plot to take another manager's job (cough, Fake Sheikh).

[Rob Parker]

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Sven "a threat" to Newcastle?
I recall:
"England the laughing stock of the world in Euro2000".
After that:
"Four and a half years without losing a single qualifying match".
Only four (admitedly pretty crucial) games lost in five and a half years and England contesting with the world's best teams in every international tournament.
And the real headlines?
"England 5 - Germany 1, what a turn around in less than 12 months!"
"Have the ref's got it in for England?"
"Can we never play without injuries plaguing our best footballers?"
"Player's lack of temper control costs England dearly".
"Top football manager investigates future employment as contract runs out but it turns out to be a newspaper scam. The FA subsequently extend contract".
"England manager makes objective comments about players. Players not offended"
"Un-married football manager plays the field a bit".
So much for slow news days and tabloid hype.....?
God help England after the "Golden Years" (?) of Sven and Becks on current performance. I guess we may have to just go back to being "good losers" like we were from 1966 to 2001?

Posted by: Svenalike | Nov 2, 2006 12:33:21 PM

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