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West Ham - Garbage (and the spirit of '66)

West_ham_toiletWest Ham fans are usually the first to admit that there were players who played in England's World Cup winning side that didn't play at Upton Park. Of course that is a massive lie as West Ham seem to have the smuggest fans this side of Stretford, and a manager to compliment that smuggo attitude. The players aren't too grounded either. Too many times I've heard 'back where we belong' comments from them, the press and Trevor Brooking. Now I can't help but laugh my sweet little cheeks bright red at their exit in the UEFA Cup last night.

Throughout the West Ham forums, they all cried for the spirit of Moore and Hurst... and should those players feature in last night's match, they probably would have wondered why they didn't move to Chelsea in the summer, and who that striker up front was who looked like a fat Maradona.

West Ham have always been a side I've disliked. I don't like the faux barrow boy fans. I don't like this talk of being a big club either. If memory serves me right, they only won the play-off finals in recent years. So why exactly do we always hear about how marvelous they are? Palermo showed them a lesson last night. West Ham were comprehensively beaten by a mediocre Italian outfit... wearing pink. It's amusing to note that West Ham have about three hundred strikers too... and couldn't hit a thousand mule's arses with eighty planes dropping atom bombs.

If the Hammers learned a little bit of humility, they wouldn't be so bad (and half the country wouldn't be sniggering at them now)... but until that day, they can blow bubbles out of their bumholes for all I care. Pardew - first managerial casualty in the Premiership - guaranteed.

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Couldn't agree more. Pardew is a tw*t, their fans treatment of Roeder was inexcusable. Really hope they go down.

Posted by: joe | Sep 29, 2006 9:26:03 PM

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