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Little Hooliganz face Premier League legal action

Little_hooliganzThe Premier League is to take legal action against the makers of Little Hooliganz toys. Blighty Collectibles produces 'firms' of the small figures for every Premier League club, including the Watford Willy Warmers and the Portsmouth Piglet Pelters.

A Premier League spokesman said: "Anything that celebrates or trivalises hooliganism in any form is deplorable." However, the Little Hooliganz website claims: "Instead of fighting on the terraces these days the Little Hooliganz can be found supporting their teams and congratulating the opposition fans win, lose or draw... For now the world of the little Hooliganz is a peaceful place." The products have been taken off-sale while the legal action takes place. [Via Four Four Two]


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I believe the site has been closed down?

Posted by: Slap Head Nick | Oct 8, 2006 5:44:15 PM

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