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Double Trouble

Kylie_les_dennis_1 Never let it be said that TV people waste time coming up with new ideas. No, they just combine old ones.

One combo is so juicy that the Beeb and ITV both came up with it at the same time:

Strictly Come Dancing + The X Factor + I'm a Celeb + Stars in their Eyes =  Just the Two of Us (BBC1) + Star Duets (ITV1 x Simon Cowell)

For Sudoku fans, here it is in numbers: 9.1 million + 8.1m + 9.2m + 7.7m = Ratings to have kittens to.

After the break: Les and Kylie! (Unconfirmed)

When the news surfaced, we assumed someone was getting confused – surely this is one programme we're talking about? But no, one's on BBC1 and one's on ITV1, and they both start in spring 2006. In each case, celebrities (in the Hollyoaks sense of the word) are paired with "the nation's favourite singers"/"the world’s biggest singing legends" (delete according to channel) to sing live duets, with the worst voted out each week.

No word yet on who the singers/legends will include, though we hear Steve Brookstein's free.

* Just the Two of Us, BBC1, Fridays and Saturdays, spring 2006
* Star Duets, ITV1, Saturdays, spring 2006

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