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Top 20: 2005 TV Moments

Peepshow_3rd_1 Anything you can do, we can do better, Woss Man.

1. Six Feet Under: Impossible to choose a best moment from the harrowing final season. This product of the "idiot box" outclassed many of Hollywood's big-screen offerings in 2005 – and proved that, at its best, television can be just as great an art form as cinema.

2. The Thick of It: The bit where the three stooges dream up "an eye-catching idea". And all the bits with Peter Capaldi in them.

3. Peep Show: Mark goes clubbing.

4. Jamie's School Dinners: The bit where Lord Sir Jamie of Stansted shows some hardcore junk-eaters what chicken nuggets are actually made of. Could have done without the ranting at Jools for buying peas "out of season," though. Know where to stop, mister.

5. 49-Up: The bit where ITV decided to commission it, rather than wimp out after 42-Up and show more Emmerdale instead. The entire DVD box-set must be released forthwith. Meanwhile, fork out for this Region 1 baby.

6. Lost: John Locke's first flashback episode, when he wheels back from the desk and you think "yeah but..."

7. Derren Brown: The one where he puts the bloke inside a computer game. Lawks.

8. Celebrity Big Brother: McCririck's Diet Coke rant, and the moment when you realise that his nostrils are red and crusty because he's picked his nose so hard it bled.

9. House: The "why House limps" episode.

10. Extras: Winslet touches tit! Winslet mixes with proles! Winslet says rude word! Less monstrously irritating than expected.

11. The Apprentice: The one where the big Henry sells fleeces on QVC while Saira shrieks dementedly at him through his earpiece.

12. Deal Or No Deal: The moment when you first see Noel pick up the phone to "the banker" and find yourself unable to stop staring.

13. Doctor Who: When you hear the Dalek.

14. BBC News: When the Olympics guy says: "The city of ... [pause] ... London," and you realise you're actually quite excited. And the one where Prince Charles disses Nicholas Witchell.

15. Taxidermy - Stuff the World: Matthias seeing God in the fish. Good companion piece from Atom Films: The Art of Imitating Life

16. Countdown: The one with me in it. I lost. I'm over it.

17. The Oprah Winfrey Show: A minor cable pleasure over here, hence a mere #17, but Cruise's sofa antics will inform our nightmares for years to come.

18: Comic Relief: Catherine Tate interviews McFly.

19. Richard & Judy: Tony Blair on You Say We Pay.

20. Strictly Come Dancing: Colin Jackson's rumba. Mm, guilty pleasures.

* 2005 TV Moments, BBC1, Saturday 31 Dec, 9pm

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