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Space Cadet Unmasked #2

184115436902lzzzzzzz_1 As Ryan the Glaswegian sparky is outed as an actor, we feel moved to out "Charlie the actor" as a non-member of the thespian classes.

Charlie Skelton is, in fact, a very fine comedy writer, with a track record of scribbling scripts for... Space Cadets makers Endemol. Oh, the serendipity just keeps on coming!

After the break: Jude Law is Charlie Skelton

More exciting still, Charlie may one day be played by Jude Law, who is definitely an actor. Hollywood has bought the rights to Charlie's "I made a porn flick" book Once More With Feeling, and the Law-based rumours are flying.

In his agent's head, anyway.

Skelton's Scribbes: A brief history

* FAQ U - Endemol for C4, 2005
* 8 Out of 10 Cats - Endemol for C4, 2005
* My New Best Friend - C4, 2004
* Have I Got News For You - BBC2, oh loads
* The 11 O'clock Show - C4, 1998, Ali G era.
* Founder, The London News Review satirical website.

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