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Five Go Shopping

Criminal_minds_1 The gods of the gogglebox have been eavesdropping on TV Scoop. No sooner do we whinge about all the US shows that aren't being bought by UK channels because they're "too American" than five snaps up one of the wishlist: CBS drama Criminal Minds.

The channel it's now OK to like has also bought hospital drama Gray's Anatomy, previously only available on digi-sat channel Living TV. Oh Mr Five you are spoiling us.

After the break: All about CSI with shrinks

Criminal Minds, created and written by newcomer Jeff Davis, is basically CSI with shrinks. Instead of forensic investigators it's FBI profilers, and rather than analysing miniscule bits of brain lodged in between the threads of a hotel carpet they're looking at the most twisted criminal minds the US has to offer. Pretty damn twisted. The idea is that they anticipating the crims' next moves before they strike again.

Heading the cast are Mandy (Chicago Hope) Patinkin, who is a bloke, and Thomas (Dharma & Greg) Gibson. Who, to clarify, is also a bloke.

Criminal Minds boasts a rather fantastic official CBS website with loads of multimedia extras, such as behind-the-scenes videos and a streamed interview with Mandy Patinkin. We're not going to laugh at your name, Mandy. Really honestly.

Like Criminal Minds, ABC's Grey's Anatomy has been a huge ratings success in the US, and is regularly one of the top five most-watched shows. The show, focusing on the working lives and extra-curricular shenanigans of a group of hospital interns, is seen as a succesor to the increasingly stale ER.

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