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Chris Morris: I.T. Boy

Chris_morris2 We'd always thought Chris Morris was an urban myth, a sort of comedy Beast of Bodmin. But sources who went to a filming of new C4 sitcom The I.T Crowd have reported that Morris is in it, and does in fact exist.

Because he's so famous, Morris has only got a small role in The I.T. Crowd. The people who have to learn lots of lines are Nicholas Burns, who played the titular pebblehead in Morris's alrightish Nathan Barley, and Richard Ayoade and Garth Marenghi from Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. To round off the cosy comedy-clique, it's written by Graham (Father Ted) Linehan and produced by Ash (The Office) Atalla.

* The I.T. Crowd, C4, February 2006

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