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Nostalgia Corner: Tiswas

Tiswas Nouveau Trevor & Simon Dick & Dom are said to be in talks with ITV about hosting a new version of 80s anti-Blue Peter Tiswas.

Was the resurrected D&D-hosted Ask the Family just a nightmare we had? Or are Dick & Dom really going to mangle another kids' remake? Or did The People just make it up?

After the break: More Tiswas news, plus Sally James

What we do know is that Tiswas will live again briefly this Saturday on the Beeb's Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow. Matthew Lewis was briefly famous in a Makosi kind of way for dressing in a bunny costume and singing Bright Eyes on Tiswas at the age of six, and he'll be reprising the spectacle this weekend. Cue puzzled looks from the studio audience of confused kids who neither know nor care what Tiswas is.

* Tiswasfact 1: Sally James appeared on Tonight with Trevor McDonald to say that her facelift wan't very good.
* Tiswasfact 2: John Peel and Buster Bloodvessel were once locked in a cage together for a whole show.
* Tiswasfact 3: When Tiswas began in 1974, you could only see it in the Midlands. See, there are reasons to live in Birmingham.
* Tiswasfact 4: Stand-up guests included Spike Milligan, Jasper Carrott and Bernard Manning.
* Tiswasfact 5: Sally James now owns and runs her own business, Unismart. It supplies school uniforms.

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