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Review: Celeb BB

Eleven housemates, only 10 celebrities. At least, that's what Davina told us – I was struggling to pick out names and faces as one nobody after another flounced up the red carpet.

Asking Chantelle to pretend to be a celebrity and then filling the house with that woman who shagged Sven, some dolly bird off Baywatch, Rula Lenska and an American basketballer most people in the UK have never heard of is hardly a challenge. In fact, after 10 minutes of extra airtime before the other celebrities arrived, Chantelle was actually more famous than them.

The great thing about the new Celeb Big Brother format is that they've done away with all pretence of doing it for charity (although Davina muttered something about a portion of the proceeds going to charzzzz) and are now simply paying hard-up celebs great wads of cash to appear on the show.

What that means is that you now not only have people wanting to resurrect their failing careers (Countess Rula, Barrymore), you also get people who are obviously only in it for the money (Maggot from Goldie Lookin Chain - whoever thought of that one should be knighted).

Obviously there are people like Pete Burns who are in it for both (needs more money to stop his lips pussing again), but it's the ones who really couldn't give a toss who make the show entertaining since they know they'll get paid the same no matter how long they're in. I still haven't finished gagging  at the sight of John McCririck picking his nose and eating it and the fact that Bez obviously couldn't give a toss last year was the reason he won it. My money's on Maggot to wander vaguely off with this year's prize.

Finally, (because I could keep talking Big Brother for the rest of the day if I don't cut it short) just what George Galloway is doing in there is anyone's guess - though if I was one of his constituents I'd be less than pleased to see how he's spending his time. In fact, if I saw my MP in there whilst my taxes were paying his salary I'd be writing a stiff letter to my MP... oh hang on, that's not going to work. And neither's George by the looks of things.

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By Katie on January 6, 2006 in Channel 4, E4, Reality TV, TV Reviews | Permalink


Maggot: "There's not much else to do in January is there?"

Genius stuff!

Posted by: Starbuck | 6 Jan 2006 15:40:25

Faria: "The worst that can happen to a person is being in the press for three weeks....I dont't want the limelight."

Faria (60 seconds later): "Being on BB could make me amazingly famous."

Faria: "The English hate me, I don't know why. They can f*** off."

Faria (24 hours later): "I once p***** in a boyfriend's cup of tea you know."

Posted by: Shirley | 9 Jan 2006 19:41:22

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